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Emigrants from Ulmen



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Berg Matthias oo Maria Katharina Schaaf

oo 04.023.1863

emigrated 1873



Brost Johann oo Maria Eva Bell and children

00 18.10.1825

1842 by ms “Paris” from Rotterdam to New York

settled in Johnsburg, WI

Brost Nikolaus

* 26.03.1832 in Ulmen


married  Anna Maria Steffens 1854 in Mt. Calvary, WI












Diederichs Johann Peter oo Elisabeth Franzen
and their children Anton, Magdalena, Johann, Josef

oo 21.02.1857

arrival in NY on May 6, 1867 by ship “Union”



Dreis Anton


emigrated to Chicago
on May 11, 1927


Dreis Johann Josef sr. oo Maria Gertrud Kessler

oo 25.11.1830

emigration with wife and 6 children after 1845


Dreis Johann Josef jr oo Waldorf Juliane

oo 09.02.1836

emigrated after 1846



Dreis Laurentius oo Weber Gertrud

marriage 1806

emigrated in 1852



Dreis Matthias Josef oo Gerber Gertrud

marriage 1880




Dreis Matthias Josef
Dreis Jacob

* 24.01.1848
* 08.12.1850

went to Fond-du-Lac, WI



Dreis Peter Josef

* 1807 in Ulmen

emigrated at the age of 38 years to America


Dreis Peter Josef emigrated at the age of 15 with his sister Catharina Xaverius, nee Dreis

Dreis Jakob

* 12.11.1855
* 04.12.1850

* 07.11.1853

arrived in Baltimore by ship “Main” on Nov. 6, 1871,

settled in Chicago, IL

Franzen Georg Karl oo Kreuz Maria Anna

marriage 1848

emigrated to Chilton, Calumet, WI


Franzen Jakob oo Anna Maria Dreis

marriage 1847

emigrated to Brothertown, WI, USA


Franzen Johann oo Xaverius Anna Katharina
with Nikolaus Josef, Maria Anna and Matthias

oo 27.04.1861

 arrived by ship “Main” in  1872 and settled in  Brothertown, Calumet, WI

Franzen Jakob oo Mohr Agathe

marriage 1842

emigrated after 1851

Franzen Johann

* 31.05.1866

by ship “Lahn” on 03.09.1892 to NY


Franzen Josef

* 1836

emigrated after 1877

Franzen Maria Josefa nee Daheim

* 1796

emigrated as a widow with her children in 1842


Franzen Maria Elisabeth

* 1845

arrival on May 6, 1867 on
ship “Union”


Franzen Nikolaus Josef oo Mertes Maria Anna

oo 27.11.1847
* 05.09.1848
* 27.04.1851
* 05.09.1854

to Brothertown, Calumet, WI



Franzen Matthias Josef oo Maria Katharina, nee Franzen

marriage 1850

emigration to Brothertown, WI, USA



Frenich Berta, Ulmen

23 years old

1883 to New York via Hamburg



Greis, Karl oo Hens Anna Maria

marriage 1773

emigrated to Hungary



Greis Nikolaus oo Roden Anna Maria

marriage 1766

emigrated to Hungary



Halfmann Johann Josef oo Maria Margarethe Daheim

oo 15.02.1825

arrived in NY by the ship Albrecht on 24.08.1842, settled in Jefferson, WI

Halfmann Karl

* 1848

emigrated to Fond-du-Lac, WI, USA

Hausten Friedrich oo Leonardi Anna Maria

marriage 1760

emigrated to Hungary



Holzknecht Johann Josef oo Alflen Maria Franziska

marriage 1823

emigrated after 1835


Klasen Andreas

* 1826

emigrated to America in 1852 by the ship Enterprise  and returned to Germany


Klasen Lambert Josef


by ship Lahn on 03.09.1892 to NY


klasen Matthias Josef


emigrated in 1852



Klasen Nikolaus oo Schreiner Elisabeth and their children Johann Josef, Anna Elisabeth, Peter Josef, Eva, Elisabeth

oo 10.06.1862

by ship NOORDLAND on 03.07.1890 to NY, settled in Chicago

Klasen Peter Josef oo Werner Eva Catharina
and their children Michael, Maria and Anna

oo 15.02.1820

emigrated by ship BORUSSIA and arrived in New York on 02.04.1861

Klütsch Christine

* 17.08.1871

by ship “Lahn” on 03.09.1892 to NY


Klütsch Dominkus

* 1833

emigrated between 1861 / 1863 to Lincoln, NE, USA


Klütsch Johann
Klütsch Nikolaus Josef

* 01.05.1877
* 27.05.1859

emigrated to America



Konen Anna Katharina nee Klasen

* 1861

emigrated as a widow with her children in 1899 to Chicago


Konen Johann Dominikus

* 1853

it is assumed that he emigrated to America


Konen Peter, single

* 25.03.1831

emigrated in 1852



Kontz Matthias Josef

* 1831

emigrated to America


Kutscheid Lambert Josef

* 1824

emigrated to Johnsburg WI, before 1849


Lauxen Richard

* 1853

emigrated to California



Lenzen Jakob
Lenzen Barbara

* 21.11.1882
* 21.11.1882


died in December 1958 in St. Louis, TX, catholic priest

kept her brother’s household in St. Louis

Mayer Johann Josef oo Winkel Barbara

oo 1849

emigrated to Fond-du-Lac, WI, USA


Meyer Anna Margarethe

* 06.05.1850

emigrated in May 1871



Mertes Johann Adam

* 29.01.1822

emigrated to Johnsburg WI, before 1851


Michels Johann Josef oo Anna Maria Winkel and their
daughter Margarethe

oo 30.01.1850

emigrated in 1852



Mohr Jakob oo Anna Katharina Winkel

oo 25.11.1846

emigrated after 1847

settled in Marytown, F.d.L., WI

Molitor Johann oo Zimmer Susanne

oo  23.05.1863

emigrated to Chicago



Molitor Matthias Josef oo Petri Maria Anna and their children Johann and Elisabeth

oo 12.09.1863

emigrated 1866 via Bremen to America

Müller Johann Josef

* 1858

emigrated to America



Peters Michael oo Mück Susanne

oo 05.08.1876


settled in Chicago, IL,  Ward 5, Southtown

Reiser Jakob oo Maria Anna Schäfer

oo 02.03.1840

emigrated after 1840



Schaaf Johann oo Mayer Anna Maria

oo 14.02.1844

emigrated about 1847

settled in Marytown, F.d.L, WI, later in Adams Mower Cty, MN

Schaaf Johann Josef oo Anna Barbara Mohr

oo 10.05.1812

emigrated after 1847

settled in Marytown, F.d.L., WI, USA

Schaaf Nikolaus

* 25.04.1844

emigrated on November 6, 1866, son of Valentin Schaaf and Anna Catharina Mück

Schäfer Nikolaus oo Schaaf Maria and their sons
Peter and Josef

oo 08.02.1864

arrived in Baltimore by ship “Main” on Nov. 6, 1871,


Schlösser Johann Josef oo Schaaf Susanna [sister of Nikolaus Schaaf]

oo 02.10.1866

emigrated 1872 and arrived in NY by ship “Minia”

settled in Le Seur, Se Seur Cty, MI

Schmitt Matthias Josef

* 21.07.1847

emigrated on 15.11.1872 with the ship HANSA

Schmitz Johann Peter

* 23.02.1834

emigrated before 1860 and settled in California

Schmitz Peter oo Mück Susanna

oo 26.11.1840

emigrated in 1852  to Johnsburg, WI, USA


Schneider Josef from Ulmen oo Mohr Anna Barbara from

oo 14.04.1857




Schneider Johann Peter oo Mohr Agnes

oo 06.02.1838

emigrated to America



Steffes Paschalis oo Lanser Anna Maria

* 09.11.1849 -
oo abt. 1881

arrived in NY on 27.06.1884 by ship “Rhynland” with his family, mother and sisters

Theisen Johann and Konen Margarethe from Ulmen
and their son Josef, born in Uersfeld

* abt. 1840
+ 02.03.1838

emigrated to America



Thelen Johann Josef

* 26.07.1845

emigrated on 31.03.1861 via Hamburg, arrived in NY on 19.04.1861 by the ship BAVARIA

Weber Gertrud, widow of Laurentius Dreis

* 30.05.1781

emigrated in 1852



Susanna Waldorf nee Schmitz and her 3 children

* 25.05.1803

emigrated as a widow in 1852

Waldorf Richard Josef oo Peffer Anna Maria
and their children Margaretha and Wilhelm

oo 13.02.1833

arrived in NY on 12.08.1846 on the ship MONT VERNON

settled in St. Joseph, Stearns, MN

Mück Gertrud nee Wallebohr and her daughers Anna Katharina and Susanna [susanna oo to Michael Peters

* 15.06.1829

settled in Chicago, Anna Katharina married in Chicago to Johann Nikolaus Wilberscheid

Wallebohr Michael oo Anna Catharina Thönnes



emigrated to Hungary


Werhand Maria nee Steffes

* 1854

emigrated as a widow with 3 children to America,  sister of Paschlis Steffes

arrived in NY on 27.06.1884 by ship “Rhynland”

Wilberscheid Anton oo Anna Maria Katharina Heid
and 7 children, lived in Mehren

oo 20.05.1823 in Mehren

arrived in New Orleans by ship “Agnes” on 10.06.1843


Wilberscheid Christoph oo Thomas Anna Maria

oo 26.10.1869

emigrated Sept. 1871

settled in Chicago, brother of Jacob and Peter Wilberscheid

Wilberscheid Jacob oo Waldorf Maria Anna
with their sons Richard and Peter Josef


emigrated 1867 with wife and 2 sons to America
arrival on May 6, 1867 by ship “Union”

Wilberscheid Jacob

* 14.03.1842

emigrated on 24.02.1869 on board the CIMBRIA via Hamburg to NY

Wilberscheid Jacob oo Klütsch Barbara;
son Michael Wilberscheid,
mother Anna Maria Daun * 19.09.1814

marriage 1869

emigrated in summer 1870  to America


Wilberscheid Jacob oo Henrichs Barbara and children

oo. 1856


arrived in NY by ship “Hermann” on 15.06.1868

settled in Chicago, brother of Christoph and Peter  Wilberscheid

Wilberscheid Johann Josef oo Kreuser Anna Gertrud

marriage 1846

emigrated to Amerika



Wilberscheid Michael and his brother
Wilberscheid Josef

* 28.05.1848
* 01.08.1849


arrived by ship “Tuisko” via Bremen in NY on 21.09.1868


Wilberscheid Anna Catharina nee Laubach
and her sons
Wilberscheid Jacob
Wilberscheid Nikolaus

* 02.12.1790

* 26.01.1815
* 22.10.1828

emigrated in May 1852 to USA


settled in Cleveland, OH

Wilberscheid Peter oo Nicolay Maria Elisabeth and their son Christian

00 29.11.1865

emigrated about 1868


settled in Chicago, brother of Christoph and Jakob Wilberscheid

Winkel Susanna nee Schaaf and her childen
Barbara oo Mayer Johann Josef
Anna Katharina oo Mohr Jakob
Winkel Matthias Josef

oo 06.02.1816

* 08.02.1829
* 01.11.1816

emigrated in 1847 and settled in Marytown, F.d.L., WI

Winkel Augustin oo Haubrich Klara and their children
Elisabeth, Johann, Josef, Catharina

marriage 1855

arrival on May 6, 1867 by ship “Union” via Bremen to NY

Xaverius Anna Maria

* 17.02.1838

emigrated in 1868



Xaverius Matthias oo Catharina Dreis and son
Peter Joseph

oo 16.02.1871

arrived in Baltimore by ship “Main” on Nov. 6, 1871,went to Chicago, IL