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          Emigrants  from    Alflen  and  Auderath


genealogical datas

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Alflen Johann oo A.Cath. Conzen

oo 05.02.1853

son of Matt. Alflen

Alflen Matthias oo Peifer Maria, Alflen

oo 07.01.1829

went to Grand Rapids

Becker Bartholomaeus oo Schneider Maria Eva, Alflen


emigrated on 26.07.1843 and arrived on board the brig PRESIDENT

Becker Anton, Alflen

* 06.01.1819


Born Nikolaus oo Krones Elisabeth and child Margarethe

oo 31.08.1858

arrived by “Prussian” on 19.04.1883 in Boston

Brost Johann oo Maria Scheid and their children Anna Maria , Elisabeth, Gertrud, Anton Sebastian, Anna Catharina

oo 30.04.1870

emigrated in November 1883

Anton Brost oo Steimer Maria Catharina and their children Maria Anna, Peter, Johann, Anton, Joseph

oo 27.01.1863

arrived by “Prussian” on 19.04.1883 in Boston

Brost Nikolaus and his sister
Brost Anna Maria

* 14.02.1828
* 19.12.1822

emigrated in 1853

Both Johann Jakob oo Barbara Weiler

Both Jakob oo Thomas Barbara, Alflen

oo 14.04.1836

oo 11.02.1862

emigrated before 1862 his son Jacob followed in 1881

arrival on August 1, 1881 in NY by ss “Vandalia”

Brost Gertrud, Alflen



Eiserloh Johann oo Maria Anna Scheid , Alflen
and 2 children

oo 24.05.1887

emigrated in 1891

Haubrich Nikolaus oo Kolb Maria Gertrud, Alflen and 6 children

oo 10.05.1836

emigrated in 1853

Heinrichs Anna Maria, nee Brost, Alflen

* 18.01.1842

emigrated as a widow
with her children

Hentges Matthias



Holzmann Johann Josef, born in Filz, lived in Alflen

* 10.08.1819

single, emigrated 1852

Irmen Matthias Josef oo  Sesterhenn Anna Maria and their
children  Theodor, Anna Maria, Klara, Elisabeth, Alflen

oo 26.01.1884

emigrated October 1891

Irmen Nicolaus oo Huerter Maria and their children
Margarethe, Elisabeth, Matthias Joseph, Maria Anna, Anna Catharina, Auderath

oo 28.07.1879

emigrated October 1891 and settled in Monclova Twnshp, OH

Jungen Anna Barbara, nee Linden, Alflen

* 22.10.1805

emigrated as a widow with 2 children

Kraemer Maria, Alflen
Kraemer Peter, Alflen

* 11.06.1854
* 29.12.1837

emigraded in August 1872

Kremer Johann oo Dusendang, Maria

oo 20.11.1829


Lahn Johann oo Hentges Anna Maria, Alflen

* 07.03.1826

+ in Sauk County, WI 

Lang, Adam oo Michels Anna Margrethe, Auderath

oo 07.05.1830

emigrated on 26.07.1843 and arrived on board the brig PRESIDENT

Laux Anna Catharina, Auderath

* 31.08.1849

emigrated after 1885

Linden,Jakob, Alflen

* 01.08.1866


Mertes Johann oo Eisener Margarethe, Alflen

oo 11.05.1849

emigrated in March 1852

Meurer Johann Josef, Alflen

* 13.02.1824


Michels Albert, Auderath

* 25.11.1824


Michels Peter Josef, Büchel oo NN, Anna Maria

oo before 1878

emigrated after 1883

Mindermann Margarethe, Gevenich

* 19.08.1870


Nicolai Christian oo Johann, Maria, Auderath

oo 10.02.1828

emigrated June 1842

Ollig Hubert from Eppenberg oo Heinrichs Anna Maria from Alflen and their children Anna Maria, Matthias, Matthias Joseph

oo 13.10.1840

emigrated in 1847

Pauken Matthias Josef, Auderath

* 21.10.1830


Pauken Anna Maria, Auderath

* 19.05.1846

emigrated May 1870

Pauken Johann Joseph Michael, Auderath

* 11.05.1843

emigrated April 1872

Peifer Johann Josef oo Preisinger Anna Margarethe and their children Maria Anna, Anna Catharina, Gertrud, Maria Josepha, Johann Christian and their married daughter

Peifer Anna Maria oo Mensior Matthias and their child

oo 26.04.1820

oo 07.07.1845

emigrated in 1847

Piro Matthias Joseph

* 24.03.1828


Rech Johann Matthias oo Pauken Anna Catharina

oo 09.08.1814


Salchert Philipp oo Schuster Maria Anna, Alflen

oo 02.12.1843


Schäfer Jakob oo Thull Maria Anna and their children
Anna Maria, Margarethe, Johann Josef, Maria Anna

oo 15.09.1865

emigrated March 1882

Schäfer Johann Josef oo Werhand Anna Catharina, Alflen

oo 04.02.1830


Schäfges Jakob oo Anna Maria Schuwerack, Alflen

oo 31.05.1843 in Faid


Schäfges Johann oo Weber Margarethe, Alflen

oo 20.02.1849


Scheid Franz oo Catharina Schäfges from Alflen  and their children
Matthias and Jakob ,

 oo 01.06.1858

arrived in New York by ship “Progress” on 28.06.1867

Scheid Peter, Alflen

* 19.06.1814








Schneiders Martin oo Scheid Elisabeth, Alflen

oo 04.02.1867

emigrated in March 1883




Schneider Matthias Josef oo Preisinger Anna Maria, Alflen and their children
Anna Margarethe, Anna Maria , Maria Catharina , Maria Anna

oo 13.01.1825

emigrated on 26.07.1843 and arrived on board the brig PRESIDENT




Theisen Matthias, Auderath

* 13.07.1866

emigrated to Chicago

Theisen Matthias oo Franzen Gertrud, Alflen

oo 27.06.1822

emigrated in 1844 to

Thelen Anton, Alflen

* 09.02.1838

+ 18.12.1909 in Chicago

Thomas Josef, Alflen


emigrated in 1853

Thönnes Georg oo Hentges Anna Maria, Auderath

oo 22.04.1845

emigrated to Wisconsin

Wendels Johann Joseph, Alflen

* 25.01.1846

emigrated in 1872 to South Dakota