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Emigrants from Masburg, Eppenberg, Kalenborn, Hauroth






Allar Nikolaus oo Woelwer Ursula from Masburg

oo 31.10.1855




Bleser Nicolaus oo Gertrud Adams from Masburg
and his  brother
Johann Bleser oo
 Anna Gertrud Theobald
and son Joseph with family

* 31.07.1809

*06.09.1813  *22.11.1817


arrived in NY on board “Maria” on July 24, 1843, settled in Greenfield, MI

Bleser Johann 1810

Bläser Josef, Masburg
Bläser Johann
Bläser Stephan

* about 1827


emigrated 1857 to Maybee, MI
arrived in New York on 29.06.1857 by the ship “Devonshire”


Bleser Anna Maria from Masburg

* 10.01.1849


arrived by ship Ottawa on 27.05.1867


Brück Johann Josef oo





Burger Jacob oo Miesen Maria, Masburg and their son

* 21.09.1818


to Springwells ,Michigan

Burger Josef 1842

Casper Wilhelm oo Margarethe Einig and 3 children

oo  about 1835

from Masburg

emigrated in 1852


Gorges Matthias

* 11.05.1832

emigrated with his family to Calumet, WI

arrived on June 4, 1867 by ship “Energie”


Haerig Wilhelm, Masburg

* 26.01.1850


arrived by ss “Algier” on 08.06.1872 in NY


Hoffmann Franz, Masburg

* 16.11.1836


went to Iowa, mentioned in the 1880 census in Lafayette, Keokuk, IA


Johann Matthias  from Hauroth with his wife
Maria Catharina Schäfges and their children
Gertrud, Johann, Maria and Nikolaus

* 08.07.1847


arrived in New York by ship “Rhein” on 02.12.1881


Kalsch Matthias oo Catharina Welling with family



arrived in New York by ms Switzerland on August 11, 1881


Kalsch Hubert, son of Matthias and C. Welling from Masburg


lived in Chicago, IL

emigrated on April 21, 1881 by ms Zealand , later married to Anna Maria Schäfges,


Klasen Elisabeth from Masburg

* 1835


daughter of Anton Klasen + Maria Anna Letsch


Peter Koster + Maria Catharina Theobald


emigrated to  Calumet county,WI together with Matthias Gorges

arrived on June 4, 1867 by ship “Energie”


Laubenthal Johann oo Anna Maria Klinkner from Eppenberg and their children
Johann oo Emma Zink in Detroit
Johann JosephJohann Peter
Maria Catharina
Maria Magdalena
Matthias Josef



in 1866 to Detroit, Wayne County, MI


Miesen Peter from Eppenberg
widower of Elisabeth Lambrich, left together with his married children,

* 18.07.1795


sailed  by ss Vierge Marie and arrived on 06.09.1847 from Antwerp to New York settled in  Fond-du-Lac County WI

Miesen Matthias oo Ollig Margarethe from Eppenberg

oo 28.11.1845


to Mt. Calvary, Fond du Lac , WI


Miesen Josef  oo Anna Maria Wagner



left about 1875


Müller Peter oo Margarethe Münnich and 5 children


from Masburg

emigrated 1852


 Reuter Anton oo Maria Steffes from Masburg


married 11/20/1866

arrived on 27.04.1881 by ss WYOMING

Reuter Maria

* 07.10.1850

from Masburg

emigrated in spring 1872, single


Reuter Magdalena

* 04.10.1812

from Masburg

emigrated as a widow in spring 1867,


Rieden Johann Josef oo Anna Maria Wölwer,

oo 12.08.1854

from Hauroth

settled in Mt. Calvary, Fond du Lac, WI


Rieden Matthias oo Magdalena Schmitz and children
Luzia, Margaretha, Matthias and Peter,

Matthias oo Denay Karn in Detroit on 19.01.1888


from Masburg

in 1868 to America
settled in Pontiac, Oakland, MI


Schäfges Heinrich oo Michels Margarethe, Eppenberg

oo 02.10.1890




Schäfges Hubert from Eppenberg oo Catharina Schlaf

oo 23.01.1849 in Düngenheim


n 1871 to USA


Schäfges Matthias oo Maria Magdalena Arenz from Eppenberg



emigrated in summer 1880


Schäfges Johann oo Katharina Hermes and their children
Gertrud, Joseph


from Hauroth

arrived on 27.04.1881 by ss “Wyoming” and went to Detroit


 Scheid Anton oo Anna Reuter

* 17.11.1805


on July 24, 1843 they arrived by ss Maria  in New York from Antwerp coming and went to Detroit, MI


Scheid Nikolaus oo Meurer Margarethe and their
children Anna Maria, Margarethe and Matthias

oo abt. 1855

from Hauroth



Schmitt Matthias oo Ursula Arenz and children
Anna Maria
Maria Katharina
Maria Elisabeth Schueller
Matthias Schüller



emigrated autumn 1881


Anton Schmitz oo Anna Margaretha Arenz and 8 children



to Marytown, FdL, WI


Schorr Johann Joseph oo Maria Michels
and children
Maria Catharina
Matthias Joseph

from Eppenberg


on  June 16, 1866 by ship “Helvetia” via Liverpool to NY
went to  Fond-du-Lac, WI


Schuhmacher Peter oo Alflen Barbara and their children

from Kalenborn


emigrated March 1852


Schüller Adam


* 18.02.1839

emigrated April 1866


Steffes Jakob, single


* 1826

emigrated in 1852


Steffes Paul


* 25.06.1866

arived on 25.04.1881 by
ss “Nederland” in 1900 census in Ashland City, Ashland, WI


Steffes Franz III and his wife Katharina Wölwer and
daugther Maria


oo about 1848

emigrated in 1852


Steffes Anton oo Ursula Schäfges from Masburg
and 4 children

oo 03.10.1871


by ss “Stella” on June 2, 1881 via Amsterdam to NY


Theisen Matthias oo Michels Maria Katharina from Eppenberg
and their children Gertrud, Hubert, Margaretha, Maria Catharina, Peter

oo 1850


emigrated in spring 1867


Theobald Peter
Theobald Maria Catharina from Masburg

* 08.09.1836
* 21.07.1840


arrival June 4, 1867 by ship “Energie”


Theobald Elisabeth nee Miesen with her children Gertrud and Anton

oo 27.11.1865


by vessel General Werder to NY on 29.09.1881


Tholl Gottfried * 1816 and
Tholl  Anna * 1854



arrival June 8, 1872 by vessel “Algeria” via Liverpool


Paul Tholl oo Gertrud Steffes and their children
Emmerich, Jakob, Josef, Margaretha, Maria, Matthias



arrival June 8, 1872 by vessel “Algeria” via Liverpooln
1880 in Ash Monroe, MI, census


Tholl Stephan
Tholl Jakob
Tholl Margarethe


*  22.01.1818
* about 1826
* about 1824*

emigrated April 1852


Johann Valerius oo Catharina Welling





Susanne Welter


about 1900



Wilhelmi Maria nee Dünzen from Masburg / Greimersburg  with her children Anton, Barbara and Maria



 in 1878 to America




Anna Lawen,  Maria Wilhelmi’s daughter

* 02.08.1850


by ship “Energie” on June 4, 1867


Johann Wölwer from Hauroth with his sons Hubert and



emigrated 1852


Wölwer Nikolaus from Masburg

* 26.07.1842

in 1866 to America